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jZeno can be downloaded from SourceForge here. You can subscribe to the release mailing list (low traffic) here. The download is an executable .jar archive (on a shell type java -jar jzeno-setup-[version].jar). After installation use run.sh or run.bat to immediately run the tutorial project (on winstone - a minimalistic servlet engine). Then point your browser at http://localhost:8080/app .

Download the latest release from SourceForge.net

Watch a screencast of how to install jZeno :


Watch a screencast of how to modify the template project from Eclipse :


If you want to have sources for debugging, and normal usage: they are included in the jzeno-[version]-.jar file. Eclipse should normally auto-detect them. No need to download seperate sources.

For people interested in doing development :

CVS Checkout :




















Version 1.1.x is located in module jzeno-maven2 and branch JZENO_1_1_2-1.

Version 1.2.x is located in module jzeno-maven2 and branch JZENO_1_0_0-1.

Version 1.3.x is located in module jzeno-1.3 and HEAD.

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